HAIR AUTUMN WINTER 2021-2022: every season has its beauty routine

HAIR AUTUMN WINTER 2021-2022: every season has its beauty routine

If in the autumn landscape the fall of the leaves is romantic and almost poignant, in the home landscape, the loss of hair is a real blow to the heart.

You can't understand it, yet it is a natural phenomenon that has its reason but, above all, it has its solution . Hair care during this autumn winter 2020-2021 , in fact, includes a specific beauty routine aimed at protecting and strengthening the skin and hair against external agents.

But let's see in detail what happens to our hair in the autumn-winter season and let's discover together how we can combat the problems that arise at this time of year.

In autumn, hair abandons us en masse because it has been weakened by long exposure to the sun . In winter , however, low temperatures damage the hair fiber and thermal shock , i.e. the transition from the heat of closed environments to the cold of the outside, can deliver the final blow.

In addition to your skin, in these seasons your hair also needs intense hydration and real protection.
The solution, affordable for all budgets, is three highly effective products for hair care in both autumn and winter.
A necessary and extremely pleasant beauty routine even in its fragrances , to be combined with a hot bath in religious silence or a liberating shower to sing about. The customization is up to you.


Here are the products that make up the autumn winter beauty routine for your hair in detail.

Nutry Care Shampoo

This snail slime-based shampoo, enriched with pomegranate and bamboo pith, is the ideal treatment because it guarantees deep hydration of the skin and the entire hair structure . The effect is almost immediate thanks to the active ingredients of snail slime which are able to easily penetrate inside the hair fibre, nourishing it thoroughly.
A completely natural injection of collagen, glycolic acid, elastin and allantoin to restore volume, strength and vitality to your hair.

Recommended use: due to the strong hydrating component, this shampoo should not be used every day, but should be combined with a product with a more delicate and lighter formula, such as Bagno Daily. The ideal is to alternate 1 wash with Nutry Care Shampoo and 2 washes with Bagno Daily.

Hair bath for daily use

Bagno Daily is an innovative product with antiseptic and disinfectant properties : thanks to the vinegar contained in its formula it deeply cleans the hair follicles and stimulates their circulation, thus making the skin perfectly cleansed but at the same time protected , because it does not remove the coat. lipid that protects the skin from attack by external and atmospheric agents (like shampoo does).

Nutry Care 10 in 1 protective spray

The leave-in mask with snail slime, ADE vitamins and shea butter and keratin. In other words, everything your hair would ask of you if it could speak, but in a single and very practical spray product . Nourishing and repairing effect, maximum protection and detangling, protects from atmospheric agents, from the heat of straighteners and hairdryers and regulates frizz. Use it on damp or dry hair, before or after styling.


As with plants, hair loss is one of the phases of the regeneration process.
Let's learn to let go and focus on rebirth with the right autumn winter beauty routine for your hair!

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