HAIR WITH DANDRUFF: the phenomenon, the causes and the remedies

HAIR WITH DANDRUFF: the phenomenon, the causes and the remedies

There are very few people in the world who have never suffered from a very common problem: dandruff.

Without a doubt, scalp dandruff, also called simple pityriasis, is a non-negligible aesthetic problem and almost impossible to hide. It just needs to be resolved.
It often has deeper causes, linked to incorrect nutrition, to the rhythms of life that always force our foot on the accelerator, but also to the use of the wrong products and do-it-yourself remedies.
Once again we want to help you clarify and indicate you as best as possible
professionalism is the right way to say goodbye to this heavy blemish.

First of all, yes, you can get rid of dandruff. This is said by our expert hairdressers who see heads parade every day, taking care of them and monitoring the results.

What is dandruff

Dandruff appears in the form of white flakes that flake off on the surface of the scalp, eventually settling on the neck of t-shirts and jackets. These are residues of dead cells from the stratum corneum, i.e. the most superficial part of the epidermis.
Cellular turnover is an absolutely physiological process, but when it happens too quickly and uncontrollably, it causes that visible and embarrassing flaking.
Dry dandruff tends to get worse in the winter months and is often accompanied by an annoying sensation of itching, responsible for the very common chain effect: the more we touch the irritated skin, the more we increase the production of flakes.

How to eliminate dandruff: 3 professional tips

Be careful what you eat

According to some scientific research, there is a correlation between liver dysfunction and pityriasis, or dandruff; what is certain is that a correct and balanced diet can significantly reduce the disorder.
It is therefore a good idea to reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages and foods rich in fat, such as cheese, and consume three portions of fruit and vegetables a day, which are strong allies for balance.
Choose fish proteins in your diet and drink a cup of real green tea every day to "stock up" on antioxidants and regulate the cell regeneration process.
Introduce foods rich in iron, such as dried fruit (prunes, peanuts, hazelnuts, figs and almonds) and legumes, especially beans and lentils.

The right product is the one that hydrates without attacking.

Using a specific product for dandruff is essential, but how to find your way among the multitude of shampoos available on the market?
Let's get straight to the point: the main task of anti-dandruff shampoo is to hydrate the scalp without attacking it , to eliminate – within the necessary time – flaking, itching and all other related symptoms.

Here are the two products that, in our experience, best perform this important function:

Bionature anti-dandruff shampoo

Detox hair bath

In general, the product that par excellence nourishes the skin correctly, without altering - and therefore without attacking - the lipid mantle is the hair bath .

But what is the difference between shampoo and hair bath?

The difference is simple but substantial and determines the result.
Shampoo, whatever brand it is, deeply cleanses our epidermis but, in doing so, also removes the hydrolipidic mantle, which is the protective barrier composed mainly of water (hydro) and fatty acids (lipids). It is a thin protective layer of fundamental importance for the balance of the skin and protection from external agents.
The use of shampoo is recommended only twice a week, no more, because the continuous removal of the hydrolipidic layer weakens and dirty the hair.
In fact, as compensation, the more it is affected, the more the hydrolipidic mantle tries to regenerate, however causing excessive sebum production.
On the contrary, the hair bath acts effectively but delicately, cleansing the scalp while fully respecting its balance.

Avoid home remedies.

Unfortunately, home remedies do not work and are sometimes even harmful .
Avoid baking soda, olive oil, lemon, sage and rosemary and other recipes.
Not only do they not remove dandruff, but they also leave your hair either too greasy or too dry, depending on the homemade remedy you made with what you had in the pantry.
We believe very much in nature, much less in those who invent recipes passing them off as miraculous, just because you can make them at home.
And remember: don't "irritate" the irritation!
Do not try to remove the flaking with a comb or, even worse, with your fingers, because micro wounds worsen irritation.

We hope that this article has been useful to you in learning how to take care of yourself in a fair, respectful and above all effective way. It is possible to eliminate dandruff from your hair, but it is necessary to do so following the advice of professionals, otherwise you risk making the situation worse.
And remember, if you have any questions, we are here for you.

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