HOW TO DRY CURLY HAIR: the infallible method for perfect curls

HOW TO DRY CURLY HAIR: the infallible method for perfect curls

Is it better to dry curly hair with natural drying or a hairdryer ? No Stress!

Attractive and rebellious, the hedgehog is undoubtedly an indication of personality and style.
Equally true is that this overwhelming effect can be lost in an instant; a humid day, rain, stress is enough to quickly flatten that enviable sinuous spiral.

There are many "risk factors" and if some are out of control, others depend on you.
The first piece of advice we give you with a smile is: bury the hatchet, which heaven and genetics - yet - cannot control, and focus on the correct habits to adopt to unleash the volume of your curls, with zero stress .

This is why we asked our hairdressers to fully answer two key questions, exactly the ones you ask yourself:

  • What is the best hair routine to keep the perfect curl for longer?
  • How should I dry my curly hair to avoid that annoying frizz?
The best hair routine for having perfect curls is based on the sensitivity of the curl and focuses entirely on maintaining shape and volume from root to tip. Let's analyze it in detail.

1. CURLY HAIR CLEANSING: shampoo with elastin

The best shampoo for curly hair: no to silicone, yes to elastin.
Be careful with supermarket shampoo, it is often too silicone-based and weighs down the curl, especially at the root.
Silicones derive from the combination of petroleum substances and silicon ; they are therefore not skin-compatible and create a film with a fake hydrating effect which, in reality, takes away lightness and limits oxygenation.

(The only advantage is for those who sell them using them in cosmetics, given the very low cost.)

Instead, look for specific products for curly hair with elastin , your true ally, the natural protein that guarantees physiological elasticity to skin and hair.
With a quality elastin-based shampoo, you prepare yourself to best receive the benefits of the mask and have maximum performance during drying. Our proposal for curly hair is


Gate Wash 32 - Curly shampoo with organic oil specific for curly hair

2. MOISTURIZING CURLY HAIR: choose a mineralizing oil

Often to have a super hydrating effect we rely on the cream mask which however has a significant side effect because, again, it weighs down and takes away volume from the root.

The equally effective alternative in terms of hydration is mineralizing oil , rich in vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, copper, iron and zinc.
A sort of new generation "liquid mask" for those looking for deep hydration without losing anything in lightness.

In our opinion at Naiis it is the best on the market


Emmebi remineralizing liquid mask

3. PROTECTION OF CURLY HAIR: choose the right styling product

Eliminate frizz and unruliness with a good styling product, which combines more hair into a single lock to define the curl in a uniform and compact way, from root to tip.

Our suggestion?


4. DRYING CURLY HAIR: pay attention to the hairdryer

How to dry curly hair with a hairdryer? It depends on the result you want to achieve.

It is best to use a professional hairdryer which breaks down water droplets on damp hair into smaller particles, making them easier and quicker to dry.
Reducing drying times also means reducing the damage caused by the heat of the hairdryer, preserving the correct hydration of the hair.

Don't do without the diffuser which serves to attenuate the jet of air that reaches your hair .
The more delicate and nebulized drying helps the curl to fix, favoring its definition.
On the contrary, using a hairdryer without a diffuser risks breaking down the lock, causing frizz and dryness.

Do you want a blow-dry with maximum volume? Dry your hair upside down.

If you want a voluminous style, set the speed and heat of the hairdryer to maximum power and start drying starting from the ends.

Dry them well until they obtain a crunchy effect and avoid touching them with your hands.
The heat of your hands removes the styling product and activates frizz.
After drying the tips, remove the diffuser and change the setting of the hairdryer: now the speed should be maximum and the heat should be medium.
Proceed to directly dry the scalp by lifting the root, which is the part of the hair that supports the voluminous fold.

After about ten minutes, in the final phase, fix the roots with a blow of cold air; the thermal shock will strengthen the curl and fix the style for longer.

Looking for a more natural style? Dry your hair upside down.

With the hairdryer set to maximum speed and temperature, hold it upside down and start drying from the ends and then gradually proceed towards the roots.
Once you have achieved the crunchy effect, remove the diffuser and, keeping the hairdryer on the same setting, dry the roots, lifting them until you obtain the desired volume.
If the crunchy effect doesn't satisfy you, remember that applying less styling product is not the solution, because it is precisely that that gives the definition; then distribute it well and everywhere and, if you want to eliminate that effect, dry them much more until the product evaporates completely.
Finally, stand upside down, reach into the roots with your hands and shake them firmly to completely remove the stiffness and have defined and incredibly soft hair.

This is just one of the articles dedicated to the beauty of curly, sensitive, untamable and passionate hair.
Continue to follow us to always find the most reliable and complete answers to solve your problems and discover all your beauty.

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