5 tips to MAKE YOUR HAIR GROW FASTER (and naturally)

5 tips to MAKE YOUR HAIR GROW FASTER (and naturally)

If you have the wrong cut, you have found yourself with an unmanageable length and you can't wait for your hair to grow back, or you feel you have lost the mass and are looking for effective solutions to recover volume and femininity, don't rely on imaginary advice , but follow the instructions of the professionals to grow your hair quickly (and naturally).

On average, hair grows 1.5 cm per month , but it often happens that for various reasons the growth is reduced, for example those who suffer from headaches or neck pain have an average growth of 1 cm per month due to lack of subcutaneous blood circulation.

So, how to make your hair grow faster? Forget the concoctions that promise miraculous growth overnight: to have faster growth you need to rely on science.

The hair, in fact, has its own very precise physiology and real results are obtained only when it is respected . If you follow these instructions, you can put into practice the tricks to make your hair grow longer right away.

So here are 5 tips on how to make your hair grow faster.

1. To stimulate hair growth, cut it every 45 days

It seems like a paradox but it isn't one at all; once again, the reasons are to be found in biology.

Almost certainly, if you haven't cut your hair for more than 4 months you will have lighter colored ends, tending towards orange. The different pigmentation results from inadequate blood supply to the tips. In other words, the final structure is so weakened that it does not allow the passage of nutritional elements.
The cut therefore has the effect of a "beneficial wound", because it ensures that the blood reaches the tip to "close the wound" and protect it from external agents.
This protective and repairing reaction of the microcirculation therefore nourishes the hair from the inside, regenerating the structure. The closing process lasts approximately 45 days , after which the blood returns to the root, leaving the tip again without blood circulation.

This is the reason for the 45 days: if we learned to cut them with this frequency we would guarantee continuous regenerative stimulation along the entire length and in particular on the tips. The result will be faster growth of healthy and strong hair.

2. Choose the right purifying product to oxygenate the follicles (and lengthen the hair)

Growth may also be blocked due to follicular obstruction.
In simple words, the excess sebum that is deposited on the skin prevents the correct oxygenation of the follicle, causing widespread irritation, weakening and hair loss.
Also in this case it is nature that offers us effective and respectful solutions, thanks to the active ingredients present for example in mimosa tenuiflora, mint and green tea, which intervene with a healing, purifying and soothing effect, but also stimulating the microcirculation.
We therefore suggest you look for a purifying mousse with these active ingredients, to free the follicle and oxygenate it, so the hair will grow quickly again.

The ideal product in our opinion is Emmebi's BIONATURE PURIFYING MOUSSE which has sanitizing, soothing properties and protects the skin from irritation.

Bionature purifying mousse

3. Use the benefits of cryotherapy when washing

Cryotherapy means "cold treatment" and is now widely used in the medical, sports and aesthetic fields.
Basically , the cryotherapy effect stimulates circulation and promotes the elimination of toxins, giving a deep regeneration effect and promoting faster and more natural hair growth.
This is why you need a shampoo, or rather a hair bath, to use daily, which uses the benefits of the cold and get into the good habit of massaging the scalp every time, to promote full oxygenation and give new life to the hair removal process. growth.

If you don't know where to look for it, we have a proposal for you: DAILY NAIIS BATH , perfect for the daily care of your hair and as a cryotherapy treatment.

Naiis Daily hair bath


4. For hydration, avoid conditioner and choose a new generation mask

The detangling conditioner has the effect of weighing down the hair, while a good new generation hydrating mask , without application time, is able to keep the external surface light, leaving its natural elasticity intact.
With the use of the mask you therefore obtain a deeper and more lasting hydrating effect, ideal for making your hair grow faster (and naturally!)

Here is our solution for you: LUXURY MASK NAIIS without processing times, a revolution for your hair!

Luxury Naiis mask


5. Protect yourself from drying damage

Often the main concern is to protect the hair from the heat of the straightener, without considering the negative effects of the hairdryer, which are even worse.
The truth is that it is the hot air from the hairdryer that dehydrates the hair the most, which is why it is essential to use the right protectant before proceeding with drying.
It is preferable to use a cream product that contains keratin and marine collagen, the two best allies in case of brittle and brittle hair .
In addition to nourishing the hair fiber, this type of product creates a protective film that keeps the hydration level unchanged even during exposure to heat sources.

Also in this case, we have the ideal product to protect your hair from drying: we are talking about the NUTRY CARE 10 IN 1 SPRAY by Emmebi (yes, it is a cream product even if you spray it on your hair!)


If you follow these 5 tips and use the right products to grow your hair, before you know it you will see it grow longer and look healthy and strong!

In addition to showing you the tricks for making your hair grow longer, we also want to give you some information on a practice that women often follow to have more flowing hair and longer hair, but which actually risks hindering its growth: let's talk about extensions!

We are well aware of the desire to accelerate hair growth and also the unpleasant condition in which they no longer grow or even seem to get shorter. Raise your hand if you have never felt this sensation in your life!

In reality this does not happen; the fact is that stressed hair, with a weak internal structure, breaks very easily, hence the perception of always having the same length.

The reasons have biological bases and the first consideration to make is that resorting to extensions is not the right move.
Without a doubt, in half a day you can obtain the desired length, but the extension technique, no matter how well done, does not guarantee growth, on the contrary, it hinders it. Subjected to the stress of extensions, the hair tends to concentrate on managing the weight of the strand to protect the root and does not have the strength to carry on the natural growth process.
In the medium term, extension damages the health of the hair, slowing down its growth.

Furthermore, remember that femininity is a natural gift , which does not need excessive forcing, but correct habits and daily attention.

Now you know some professional secrets on how to make your hair grow faster (and naturally) . By following them you will give new vitality to your hair which, remember, deserves attention and care just like your skin. In the spreading tide of distorted information, the first step is to learn to orient yourself and choose the correct products and habits. We are here for this.

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